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Making my own keyboard 'Bearhand BLE'

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HI, I'm Dahun Kim from South Korea.

I'm in the middle of developing my own mechanical keyboard named 'Bearhand'.
I just want to know how appeal it is because I'm alone and sometimes it is hard to keep going.
If I find out that someone is interested in this keyboard, I think I will be more empowered.


 * Bluetooth Low Energy
 * Splited
 * Tilted forward 7 degrees
 * Tilted 7 degrees outwards
 * Lithium polymer battery (3000mah each)
 * Thick plate (about 3.5mm)
 * Powered by BlueMicro (nrf52840)

I'm majored in Computer Science and I'm not expert about 3D modeling and PCB design. In fact, I am an amateur for most of the work required.
I would appreciate it if you could share your opinion through comments.

I'll leave a link to my blog if you want to get more info. But it's written in Korean only.

Oh, and I can't write a lot of information comfortably because I'm not good at English. I hope you understand.
Thank you for reading.

This is my goal.

And I have several problems to solve. For example, simple disassembly and assembly method design, or PCB design, or firmware stability, and manufacturing method and affordable price.
The keyboard is in a working state now, but it was made using an Amoeba PCB, and it was very difficult to make.

I'd like to try to get this keyboard to sell if possible.
I have one question, do you think it doesn't make sense to do an interest check at this level?

Seems good to me. I suppose the plate is integrated 3D printed plate. If you want to bring this to more people you should also look into multiple lay-outs and maybe if possible go with PCB mount stabilizers. Otherwise from the design I don't think there is much wrong with it.

Wireless is fashionable at the moment and split is healthy so this board would make a lot of people happy, the only bad thing is that thick milled brass(?) plate is going to be expensive.

If you only have the model for the 3D printing and want to sell a milled version it is very hard to do a proper IC - the most common reply will be "I'm in if it's cheap enough" so you need to get a price first :)


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