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Making my own keyboard 'Bearhand BLE'

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--- Quote from: on Fri, 13 May 2022, 22:08:34 ---Yes, I've been making this myself, and I've recently realized that there are better ways than CNC cutting.
If I had known and made it from the beginning, I think there would have been a better result.
However, attaching the legs to the case certainly has many advantages, but I don't really like it from the looks of it.
When designing the next version from scratch, I'll try to design it by fully reflecting the points I learned this time.

Thanks for the nice info. :)

--- End quote ---
You're welcome.
I wasn't trying to be a downer or push you one way or other, just trying to let you know the realities of it.
If you could mill that in plastic or metal for cheap I'm sure you'd get quite a bit of interest in it.

There is an option though, didn't even think of it earlier... Resin Casting
Because it's split and small enough to fit in a small bucket you don't need a big expensive vacuum chamber. Look up vacuum pots or DIY Harbor freight vacuum chamber. 3D print your pattern, maybe smooth it out with some paint and bondo, cast a mold in silicone, then cast the bodies from that. Then you can water jet/laser cut the plate and bottom plate. You would need a couple hundred dollars in supplies and equipment and you'd need to spend some time perfecting your technique and sizing, but from there you could cast them relatively cheap. Not 3d printed cheap but a heck of a lot cheaper than milling.


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