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SP-Star Meteor Whites vs MX Hyperglides?


I plan to lube and spring swap, so, ignoring spring weight and smoothness, which one would be the "poppier" sounding switch?

Poppier? I'd guess hyperglides would be a little more muted and meteor whites on the "clackier" side or whatever you want to call it. Guess you're looking for the meteor whites, although both still are excellent juices with a generally more high-pitched sound profile, but cherries are quieter to a degree.

granola bar enthusiast:
meteor whites are definitely more poppy, despite the nylon material i have noticed a lot of SP-Star switches utilizing this housing to be fairly higher-pitched side.

hyperglide black's despite being a somewhat older switch still has its famous sound/feel that many people love to this day and as DBOKEY said they have a somewhat soft but metallic sound? it's hard to explain.

Comparing Meteor Orange and Hyperglide Brown, Meteor Orange is higher-pitch, more plasticy.

Hyperglides will be deeper, more muted, lower-pitched. But also more scratchy.

Both benefit from time in the polishing machine. Meteor Orange will smooth out somewhat after 400,000 iterations, Hyperglide Brown still almost as scratchy as before.


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