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First up are some Alps 'boards:

On top is a Macally MK96 with clicky white Alps sliders, ADB connector
2 Apple Desktop Bus keyboards, top one has pink Alps switches, ADB connector.
bottom one has orange Alps and an ADB connector.
On the side, Another Apple Desktop Bus, an earlier model with fake Alps black switches, you guessed it, an ADB connector. (I have one iMate adaptor, and if someone buys all these, or enough of them, I'll throw it in for free.)

The paint on the white keys is easy enough to remove, the paint on the case on the middle keyboard and the dark keys on the sideways one on the right doesn't come off. The one with orange Alps switches has one or two dead switches and a key with the stem broke off, but I figured I'd offer it here for some modders or someone for back up switches, and I don't want much money for them. I have a total of three ADB cables, BTW.

The Macally is about a month old, but I'd sell it for cheap enough.

Next up for grabs is a Datalux Desk Model with Cherry ML switches.

This is cool looking and it is a fast little keyboard, but I can't use it at work because a lot of my shortcuts that currently are one handed take two hands on it. It comes with a USB to PS/2 adaptor, and it has a USB connector.

PM me with an offer if you are interested. I'll ship anywhere on Earth since you're paying for it.

Are you willing to replace all the original keys onto the Macally?

I can't. They are from the SMK85 which is already gone, the buyer liked the mixed up keys.

Hey xsphat, what does the Macally feel like? Are they louder or quieter than the Extended I?

My only points of reference are the Apple Extended I and Extended II- I love the I, the II not so much.

Much appreciated. Even if you're still not selling your Macally, the info would be useful if I try to pick one up on EBay.



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