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[IC] Boston Meetup July, 8th [2017]

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I've spoke to the guys at Cambridge Hackspace and they have gotten approval from their landlord to host the meetup. If there is interest in the event then, looks like all we will have to do is pick a date.

The space is near Union Square in Somerville, right next to the Demoulas. There's a few parking spaces at the building, some street parking, and if we end up using some of the parking at the grocery store I don't think anyone will mind. If you're taking the T it's a short bus ride from Lechmere.

Would you be interested in the meetup, and does Saturday, July 8th at 1pm work?

Sneaky Potato:
Trying to attend a few meet ups this year, and this would definitely be on my list.

Yes! Please make this happen!!

It was fun last time, Let's do it again!

I also know the size of the space better so I won't take up half the tables again...


--- Quote from: memnarch1113 on Sun, 04 February 2018, 23:12:12 ---Yes! Please make this happen!!

--- End quote ---

We actually had two meetups in Boston since this post was originally made and will hopefully have another in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates :thumb:


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