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1st Perth, Western Australia meetup, 2017 [PRE-REGISTER]

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--- Quote from: Elrick on Thu, 29 June 2017, 03:34:14 ---
--- Quote from: rowdy on Tue, 20 June 2017, 21:48:40 ---Too much sun and bird-eating spiders for my liking.

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Fvck Yeah,  ate one in Thailand last year (large tarantula).  Damn nice when it's fried with sesame oil and garlic, the trick is to burn off all the hairs first  8) .

They taste like crispy prawns especially their legs but their arse is really worth enjoying slowly, the juices run through when bitten, delish  :thumb: .

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* rowdy shudders and checks his sandwich for any inadvertent arachnid garnishing.
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They really are very good and --crab/ lobster-- like.

Shrimp and lobster  and crabs are essentially the BUGS of the ocean..

If you like those 3 things,  you will enjoy most land bugs too..

Look at a crab , then look at a spider,  clearly same basic design..

Look at a roach, then look at the lobster,  the whiskers + multi segment thorax,  again, same basic design.

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Rowdy does not eat much seafood either.

Or roaches.


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