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[NOOB Alert] first 60% build - own case

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I am planning my first build, I know it will be a 60%, I think I found most of the components (pcb, switches, plate & keycaps...)
Regarding layout / layers I am still studying the forums and the documentation on QMK so I do not want to bother you with questions at the moment...might come later, but now I do not feel ready...

On the other side, since I decided to make my own case, I would like to ask you for a couple of info.
I have some wood lying around so my plan is to do something with that (pictures will come if the end results is not too bad...)
I am not sure of what the height of the case should be.
I see that there are cases that let the switches exposed (or at least partially exposed) and cases that are higher and that show only the keycaps exposed.
Is the choice between the two options driven by the look or is there any practical reason to choose one or the other?

I would like to understand how high the sides of the case should be.
I tried to look but I could not find it, is there a schematic or a drawing of what is the typical height from the top face of the pcb and the bottom of the keycaps? Or is it maybe better to say from the top face of the pcb to the top face of the mounting plate?

I am assuming that these dimensions will be driven by the height of the cherry (or clones) switches and the height of the keycaps...
I understand that this depends on the different keycaps profile, I am thinking of xda caps if this helps...


thanks for your help



The difference between open and closed sides is just for looks but it also effects sound a bit. With the wood if you are experienced with woodcraft the best would be to buy a cheap poker case and measure it and use it to make your wooden case. You could also buy a case from ali express for 50-60 dollars.

For QMK you can use this tutorial it will cover most of the basic stuff and its easy to follow.

Good luck  :)

ciao Sup,

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
I have no special woodcraft skill, I just like to play.
I will have a try and see how it comes out, in the worst case I will buy a case...

regarding qmk, thanks, yes I know Chokkan is amazing, I actually started from there.
I am happy to see that also MechMerlin did something similar.
I am studying also the official documentation, doing my best, let's see where I get.
My concern at the moment is that I will need Italian Layout but also the possibility to switch to German and Russian.
I know it is there, but I need to find the right sintax...
thanks a lot


--- Quote from: mcarni on Mon, 28 May 2018, 06:19:29 ---My concern at the moment is that I will need Italian Layout but also the possibility to switch to German and Russian.

--- End quote ---
Most firmwares support more layers that you'd actually need, so you can toggle between all three languages easily.

Hi TalkingTree, thanks for the feedback

I was thinking that in order to use a non-English layout I had to use the keymap_italian.h under qmk_firmware/quantum/keymap_extras/ but I was not sure of the syntax to do that

maybe I am looking into the wrong things but i think i can get the --- on my layers, but i have no idea how to specify that shift + 6 does "&" and not "^"

i know, probably something silly... sorry about it...i will study more...




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