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75% hidden gem?

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What's the cheapest aluminum case, 75%, south-facing, hot-swappable, 2.4GHz, PCB-mounted stabs kit/prebuilt keyboard?

Aluminum case and wireless do not work well together (metal blocks wireless).
PCB stabs and pre-built is uncommon.
75% is one of the least popular layouts.
And you want it cheap...

You're looking for a unicorn.

Yes, sir! I am really curious to see if there are cheap options out there or the QK75 is the only go-to.

im pretty sure the neo80 is in the works. if you can do without the function keys the neo70 is good to go for order. just grabbed one myself. insanely affordable and well built. solid pick imo. good luck! (project update page) (main)

Mongeeks m1 once had a sale in taobao that was only about $40 for full keyboard with cream blue pro switches.

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