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[IC] Electric SA (200 votes!)

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Direct Link to the Interest Check on Pimpmykeyboard
               (every vote counts towards moving the set into production, thanks!)

Electric SA is a fully sculpted (1-1-2-3-4-4) key set with a theme revolving around the electronic symbols that go into circuitry making.
It would be made with double-shot ABS plastic in a high, spherical profile.

Pretty much everything is finalized, but i'm still open to any fixes/suggestions that could be made to improve the set!
Note: I can't make changes until January 2nd, but i'll be monitoring the thread and writing down any possible changes.

Child deals include:

* Base Kit (Tenkeyless keyboards)
* Adapter Kit (For winkeyless keyboards and other)
* Numpad
* Flextras (60% stripe and more)
* Novelties
* Electronic Symbols
* Planck/Atomic
* Ergodox
* Dvorak + Colemak
* ISO Kit (UK)
* International (All European countries)

Color codes:

* BFQ (Electric blue)
* GSM (Dark blue legends)
* GD (Light gray alphas)
* GSX (Dark gray modifiers)
* WA (White legends)
Thanks for looking! Remember to vote on PMK if you like the set  :D (

Looks great, love the colors as well as the Electronic Symbols novelties  :thumb:

Been looking forward to this set. Would love to see it hit production

This is pretty nice! I really like it

Yess.. Like it


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