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Signature Plastics' DSS tooling

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During the Seattle Mechanical Keyboard Meetup on January 13th, Melissa was able to share samples of our long retired DSS keycap family with several of you. Since there appeared to be interest in producing this family again, we have decided to go ahead and tool up several shapes that are missing from today's keyboard configurations. We hope to have this tooling completed over the next few months.
The DSS family is a medium height key with a spherical matte finish touch surface (similar to DSA) and a sculptured profile. We will add a data sheet of the DSS profile to the KeyShop Resources page shortly.

Will the DSS family support both double-shot and dye-sub legends?

No it won't. Only double-shot. We went down that road with the double-shot (ABS) SA tooling and were very unhappy with the results, especially with the darker PBT colors. Because of the large void left to fill without a first shot insert to balance the wall thickness, the parts were subject to sink, warping, flow lines, you name it. We see the same results, to a lesser degree, with the DSA tooling which was also designed for double-shot ABS molding. New DSA PBT molds are in the schedule with a late '18 early '19 completion.

Okay, so initially DSS will be double-shot ABS only? That's still pretty awesome. I look forward to this!

Do you have any pictures of the samples? There has been a lot of talk about samples but nobody seems to have taken any pictures of them at the meetup.


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