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SA "Lime" Keyset


SA "Lime" Keyset brought to you by Kingnesta. Keysets will be available at the end of August in the PMK KeyShop.

This is an ABS two-shot keyset molded is colors VAT/WFK, GUH/VAT (dark gray) and GUK/VBQ (light gray). This is a sculptured keyset: R1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R3.
GUH is a custom color match to Pantone 430C and GUK is a custom color match to Pantone 5455C.

Keysets offered: Tenkeyless (96 keys)
                         Numpad (27 keys)
                         Novelties (20 keys)
                         Specialties (33 keys)
                         40 Percent (42 keys)
                         ISO-UK (12 keys)
                        Communities (6 keys)

woot woot, just got an email from PMK that this set is available for sale, pulled a trigger on TKL+Numpad.

Peripheral Prophet:
Just purchased the tkl and numpad, should be here tomorrow, Ill post pics with my kb dressed.

Peripheral Prophet:
SP SA Lime, plain without all the lime keys


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