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Another round of Grab Bags will be up for sale Tuesday, December 11th, at 9:00am PT. These bags include keys from DSA Honeywell, DSA Miami, DSA Skelator, SA Pulse, DCS Midnight, G20 Semiotic, SA 1965, DSA Bounty Hunter, and SA Commando.
Grab Bags contain around 3 pounds of start-up and rejected keys, as well as QC accepted overrun keys from current production runs and QC accepted keys from obsolete keysets produced over a year ago.

PRICING: $50 per bag plus shipping and handling. Buyer is responsible for any additional import fees and/or tax charges.


Another batch of Grab Bags is being prepared and will be available for purchase the middle of May, exact day and time to be announced later.

Keys are from the following sets: SA Senna, SA Song, SA Vile Bloom, SA Rocketeer, SA Troubled Minds, SA Carbon, SA Doom, SA Strong Spirit, SA Green Screen, SA Composition, SA Isle of Dogs, SA 1976, SA Solarized Penumbra, SA Aspen, DSS Dolch.


--- Quote from: SMKNGNZ on Tue, 30 April 2019, 11:33:01 ---DSS Dolch

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When will DSS Dolch be available to purchase??

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It's looking like the first part of June. 


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