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Software like autohotkey + crypto software wallets = paranoia

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Does anyone use something like autohotkey in combination with a crypto wallet on their computer? I'm too paranoid to do it, because Im too afraid the software can be used to leverage keylogging and intercept the passphrase.

Is the increaesed risk real?
In my case I would like to use Karabiner cause im on mac. Shouldn't really matter I think.
My new upcoming keyboard (Keychron Q1) will have QMK but it would be nice not having rely on QMK compatible keyboard.
While I know people get QMK keyboards for the opposite reason; to not rely on software like autohotkey. But thats just me I guess.

With AHK you run scripts if you really want to be sure nothing weird is happening why not open the script up and see what it all does.

AHK watches every keystroke to see if it needs to intercept and change it to something else - it could log anything.  On the other hand it's open source and very well known so if it did anything dodgy someone would have noticed.

Karabiner Elements is also open source, not as well known as it's for Mac but I'd still say it's big enough to be trustworthy.

Saving passwords into scripts (or however Karabiner works) probably means saving them in plain text somewhere on your computer - that is not a good idea.

F eq ma:
Personally, I use KeePass with a yubi key token for some auto login functions.    I basically open the keepass db with an auto lock after x minutes.   I have mapped alt-cntrl-? key combo to allow auto type credentials into web pages and other portals.   It works for my use cases.   I use AutoHotKey for controlling iTunes… but that is probably a different topic.  Also, I am Windows user.

I use both QMK and Autohotkey. QMK is great as a base, but it can only do a small fraction of what AHK can do. I like using both but if I could only use one it'd be AHK for sure.

But while the risk of AHK or Karabiner stealing your money is is probably next to non-existent, the effect of your paranoia is real. If you're going to always have niggling doubts plaguing you then you may as well just go with QMK for the piece of mind, despite its limitations.


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