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Razer Orbweaver Chroma MCU mod

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Hello,  Thank you for your time creating this mod for these beautiful keypads. I attempted the mod, the only issue that I am running on is with the LEDs. The lights are not coming on after flashing the software created with QMK, everything else works, all the keys and the extra switch, just the not LEDs. I have not replaced the LEDs or the switches.


--- Quote from: Lostdotfish on Thu, 20 April 2023, 02:56:54 ---I wonder if a custom PCB could be designed in the same footprint as the original Razer MCU board to try and eliminate the breakout board and breadboard.  It should be possible to make a carrier for the Elite-Pi RP2040 then move the FCC and JST connector over to the new PCB making it a little more plug and play... (you could of course go the whole hog and design the whole RP2040 onto a custom PCB but that would be a much bigger design task...)

How is the pad in day to day use?  Am I right in understanding that there is no reprogramming of the keys/rgb without recompiling the firmware?

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Yes, A custom PC board is the proper way to do it.  But it's hard to justify if only doing a few of them.

My experience day to day has been is awesome (and both my kids too!).  But I haven't had to recompile very often.  The RP has such a massive memory I could include a half dozen key layers covering various use cases, and haven't really needed to change.  (Usually games and apps have sufficient key remapping that at least one of the current maps will do).  But if this were a commercial project, the better way to do things is to have an app that edits an onboard file with the keymaps. I will never go back to software-based keymapping. 


--- Quote from: mmrvn on Fri, 28 April 2023, 16:25:35 ---could you drop the code in the github?

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Unfortunately some of the animations required modifying core QMK code, which the folks at QMK rejected for general users.  But after the dust settles with their latest versions, I will try to re-create.  It's a project, and I haven't had time recently to work on it.


--- Quote from: shifttymike on Tue, 29 August 2023, 14:09:32 ---Excellent mod! I just got my hands on the non chroma and intend to do something similar. I may add a screen in lieu of RGB.
One question I had, does the non chroma version have the same 18pin FPC cable? I want to order a breakout before I start, but donít want to have to disassemble it just to confirm, especially if someone else has already :)

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Nope, it uses a 12 pin ribbon.  Also, it has no rgb matrix controller.  All the LEDs are wired together, so you can only change the brightness of the LEDs (you can't address individual LEDs). 

Row   Ribbon Pin (left to right)
1 (top)   R11
2   R10
3   R09
4 (bot)   R08

Column   Ribbon Pin (left to right)
1 (lft)   R7
2   R6
3   R5
4   R4
5 (rgt)   R3

LED+   R2 (via 560 ohm resistor)  4.5 V at 100%
LED-   R1, R12 (both grounded)

This is basically the Chroma, but 6 pins to the left and 5V moved to R2 instead of R4.

This is just what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to post instructions and the video resources.

I was thinking of doing the same thing you did but with KMK instead because I like python.

Have you though of 3D prining the bottom half of the Orbweaver's case with custom mounts for the 2040?

Any chance you have multiple modded Orbweavers and you would be willing to part with one? I was gung ho about starting this project but after it took me two days just to register on here I think I may be in a little above my head, lol.  ;D


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