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[IC] GMK Dandy R2

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GMK Dandy R2

March 2024


US - Space
UK - ProtoTypist
EU - Oblotzky
CA - DeskHero
CN - kbdFans
SEA - iLumkb
OCE - Switchkeys
IN - Stickeys
ME -  Sandkeys

Hi! So Dandy is coming back for a second round. When R1 ran, the hobby was a completely different place. You will probably notice quite a few changes for this round. First and foremost, no second base, just going green. Going R5 and text+icon. Had to make some big cuts sadly, but I'm hoping you'll love and support it just the same.

*Side note - Board renders are done up by me, so please do forgive any inconsistencies and do remember these are images, colors and such can vary a bit from screen to screen and all that dandy jazz. I don't know how to set up kit renders yet, and used some models I had from GMK Hooty for the board renders. Kit renders will be updated asap. So this is mainly a quick and basic hey, Dandy R2 incoming!


Novelties & Bars


Gunmetal daji Ocho Cuatro by juaninamilli

Petals Sixty by Paul & Sour


Samples on the way. Print over stitching and black stitching, TBD for GB (want to see irl)

Hibi and Space collabs incoming too.

Hibi x Dandy relegendable

Round 1 Photos

Let me know if you have any feedback,




Count me in!

Nice to see 1.5u supers this time. Gonna have to grab this again.
If only it was easy to get a tiny kit to fix that for r1.

Using Terminal ISO would be more consistent with other recent sets.

In for sure, How about adding Yellow accent?


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