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GMK Tempest

Message From Asynq Designs:Introducing GMK Tempest, Asynq Designs' third ever set! We worked super hard to bring you this set.
Please consider filling out our feedback form and joining our Discord server for support and giveaways!

Feedback Form: CLICK HERE
Discord Server: CLICK HERE

About the Set:
We present to you GMK Tempest! This set was inspired by the tumultuous and ever-changing grays of a storm. Within the heart of a storm, there exists a vast array of shades, and we have selected specific tones to depict the journey into the heart of a tempest's fury.

About the Designers:
Asynq Designs is a team that consists of three people: Aiden, Synthereal, and Nqrwhql. We each spent the last year learning and designing up until this point to present this set to you.


VendorsDuring GB, the keycaps can be bought at:

Let us know if you have any region/vendor requests! If you are a vendor interested in collaborating, send me a PM on Discord @ nqrwhql

Kit Renders
Suggestions for kitting and additional kits are encouraged! We are dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone!We're actively working on modifying the current kits to be more affordable and accessible for different board variations.

Tempest Deskmats
Designed By Skeil

Zoom65 by Meletrix

Iron165 Keyboard by Smith+Rune

Portico68 Black Label

Scene Render

Maja By Vulcan

Coming Soon...

Note: Please understand that the colors you see in the renders may look different from the physical colors. Please be aware that physical colors cannot be replicated in webspace.

Please consider filling out our feedback form and joining our Discord server by clicking on the images below.
By filling out our short feedback form helps us tremendously!

Special Thanks To

Skeil: Thank you for designing the amazing deskmats!
chuwypizza: Thank you for helping design this set, it wouldn't have come to life without you!

If you would like to support this set please add this signature and spread the word.To add a signature go to Profile -> Modify Profile -> Forum Profile -> Signature
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To Do List
* Complete Vendor List
* Request GMK Samples
* Setup GB
* Start GBUpdate Log
* 3-7-2024 - Posted Interest CheckMake sure to join our Discord Community for more frequent updates and to be notified when we modify our GB thread.


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