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[IC] Gondolindrim X Geonworks Apollo Deskmats [UPDATE: IC FORM]

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Hey guys.

Honestly there isn't much about these deskmats. A while ago a friend of mine from the Brazilian Discord server mentioned he would love to have some deskmats based on the Apollo PCBs I designed for Geon, and I thought the idea was cool. After talking to Geon and some of his subscribers I arrived at the images you see below.

I just need feedback and gather interest, so if you would buy this we appreciate the comment. We do not know if there will be enough interest for these to justify production. Idea is to keep pricing to the general 20-30 USD deskmats generally go for, depending on quantity and the complexity of the designs.

Interest check form

Pleasee fill the form for feedback!

Some notes:

* I tried making an array of colors, from colored to pure black and white. Nothing seemed to fit well, besides the off-gray and tones of gray,
* We have not ordered samples yet, as I need to gauge interest first
* Idea is to have them on a 900x400 mm format at the best quality we can get for the price.
Here are the preemptive pictures. Enjoy! Also please give feedback and how you think we could improve them.

"Athena" variant:

"Hades" variant:

"Icarus" variant:

"Minotaur" variant:

Wise Donkey:
Beautiful. I will be getting the Athena and the Minotaur.

Loved all those. Probably get one of each.

now I'm not normally one to use deskmats, but these are so pretty I might need them all



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