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Sonnet or Zoom 75, help me choose


I want to build a 75 and narrowed it down to these two. Anyone here have either of these? The overall value of the Zoom 75 is a little better since you get more features, but my first keyboard build was a Mode and I love the feel of it and not gonna lie the RGB on the Zoom is attractive to me since I have never tried it out. Would love some feedback from the experts.

Zoom 75 has a lot of features but then you will realize the simplicity tha Sonnet brings is more valuable. Sonnet also brings the elegant and classy look.

Go for the Sonnet. It is a better board since foam is just optional, it can sound and feel as good as the zoom75 already with foams. Plus the Sonnet has a more timeless design (I am biased since I dislike knobs).

those are two very different keyboards. Sonnet is probably better, but only pick it if you feel comfortable with that price. Otherwise go with the more budget friendly zoom75.


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