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Does Cooler Master have any plans to offer a board with Cherry MX Clear switches? The MX Green version of the QFR shows that you're not opposed to offering more uncommon switches, so is there any chance that you'd try offering Clears as well?

I would be VERY interested in this as well  ;)

I'd like to see a CM with clears, I think this is likely, as in the CES video I saw of CM, they pride (read: Differentiate) themselves on offering uncommon switch types, like greens.

We are always looking at offering new switch types, but the only problem is our distributors already dislike us for so many SKU offerings :) We have to keep it within reason, and if the market demand is there, we wouldn't be opposed to it.  Fow now, we'll be putting a lot of effort into green switches and educating them to the masses.

How about more exotic switches, like mx clears or whites? Clears are the more popular "modded" switches on here.


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