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WARNING: The worst customer service ever!

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Good luck to anyone ordering from 'originative'...

I placed a $200+ order from the website but when it was received, I was sent 2 pause keys but no insert key for the charred orange set. No problem, right? This should be an easy problem to fix. I even offered to send back the extra key on my own dime. Well, that was ALMOST THREE MONTHS ago. This 'sheraton' miscreant has been stringing me along for almost 3 months, and now has stopped responding all together.

If your order is correct, good for you.. But if it's not, you can forget about him/her correcting it.

PS, if anyone has an extra GMK charred orange insert key, I'm down to trade you for a pause key. =)

I will say sherry eventually replaced some defective GMK caps I had. But I know for the past few weeks he was, maybe still is, out of the country. However, I believe he has a helper helping him.

That doesn't really help but hopefully he will make this right. Just stay on him.

Sherry has been legit so far. I'm sure they'll correct the situation.

Thank you for the support.. What gets me is this has been going back and forth for months, seemingly stringing me along. Last correspondence I received was when they asked for my order number (which was the subject of the email) and my address (which you'd think they'd have via order number) I responded instantly with the info and haven't heard from them since. This was on 1/7/14. I'm happy to hear that they eventually corrected your issues, and I hope that my issue is resolved as well. =/

Damn that's who I plan to buy all of my lube from :0


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