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[Engineering Prototype] BladeMaster keyboard comes here to gather ideas

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It looks like a very contemporary gaming keyboard from 2015-2020, visually similar to dozens and dozens of other keyboards on the market right now. It is not very stylish ó quite the opposite. The angular corners and the glossy finish on the sides make it look cheap. Do at least change the side finish to matte, preferably matching the metal plate.

The only thing that really sets it apart is the wheel on the side. Before I watched the video I thought the wheel on the side would have been to control the feet. There are a couple of vintage keyboards that have feet with controls in exactly that position but on both sides, and you didn't show the right side in any of the images or in the video.

I would let the wheel be a volume control by default. Press it for Mute or Play/Pause.
Media keys/controls with a volume wheel/roller decides purchase/no purchase for a not insignificant amount of costumers: It is a feature you often see requested on forums. And... you very seldom see a volume control in the tenkeyless form factor.
That would be much more useful than a control for the backlighting. Most people set the backlighting once and then don't fiddle with it except for setting up different profile for different games.  Don't make this a lost opportunity!

It would also be cool if it could be configured as a Dial control, like the Griffin PowerMate, Microsoft Dial, or the dial on the Logitech Craft which is also in the top/left corner ... but then I suppose that customers would prefer a smooth wheel with a rotary encoder instead of what you have now.

Do make sure that all basic functions for backlighting and basic controls can be set up on the keyboard itself.
Do make software that would switch to different colour profiles for different games: that is why people want backlighting in a gaming keyboard.

The keycaps are well.. not more than OK. I think the digits should be lit up first, the shifted legend second.
At least you are using a standard setup with 1.25 u modifiers, so that they can be replaced easily.

Is there a cable channel on the bottom? Is the cable removable? USB Type C connector is popular now even for USB 2.0 devices such as keyboards.
If a cable channel, make it come out at in the centre and in each corner, facing back not (just) straight left and right.

I won't buy it for two reasons:

* Spamming the forums to get people interested in it.
* Looks like a cheap Chinese keyboard with no innovation.

Techno Trousers:
Findecanor has some good ideas. I especially like the volume/mute knob. Lighting is not interesting to me, but I was thinking that if the knob controlled that, it would be very annoying to accidentally change it while moving the keyboard on my desk.

How close is the knob to the desk when the feet are folded down? I use my keyboards in the flat configuration to avoid staining my wrists.

One way you could differentiate your keyboard from the millions of black on black ones out there would be to use two-tone keycaps. Maybe a red modifiers/white alphas or blue/white scheme would be good. Also, PBT plastic keycaps is a valuable selling point. Almost no one likes key caps that get shiny.

Good luck!

Hey, thanks for sharing these with us.

The video shows the angular corners is not finished yet. and after reading your advice, we will change the side for next prototype version.

The wheelís function has already set up. It is a multifunction rotary switch, you can use it to control the volume, the light, the shortcut key,etc, even the computer window switching.(I didn't mention all functions of the wheel) .But canít control the feet. 

The dial control is a good idea, I will let our products team know it.

The basic functions for backlighting and basic controls can be set up on the keyboard it self, the keyboard can storage some sets you set up on software.
And the each switch color mode you can reset on the software, and storage in the keyboard.

The blade master Pro version support USB typeC(detchable)/ bluetooth4.0/2.4G three modes, with the CHERRY MX RGB switches(red,sliver,brown,blue) The blade master TE version is usb typeC(detchable) with Gateron switches. And the keys are all standard setup.

It has the small cable channel in each side.

The Dial control you mentioned is cool ,If the next prototype use some ideas of yours, I will let you know. And say thanks through our official ways.


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