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NIZ New Full Series in 2022

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Love your keyboards! And the stock keycaps are good quality too.

Some more standard spacebars (6u, 6.25u) would be nice. And I think more people would like 45g instead of 35g.

Do you at least still sell the 55g domes separately? It's nice to have the option.

45g version is available for white version.

Too bad there is no 55g.

Is the black BT version available with side printed keys?

Will you please confirm that the black BT version has PBT and not POM?  Another reseller says the black version is POM.

Bring back the NIZ business here with paypal payment available since paypal workable again to China users.
In 2022, our New NIZ full series including below:
1, Atom 68 wired 35g/45g, Triple T series 35g/45g ( white gray PBT keycaps);
2, Atom 68 Bluetooth/ Bluetooth RGB 50g ( black POM keycaps);
3. Micro 82 wired/ Triple model 35g ( white gray PBT keycap);
4, Micro 82 bluetooth model 35g/45g (black keycap);
5, Micro 84 wired/ Triple model 35g ( white gray PBT Keycap);
6, X87 RGB wired 35g ( white PBT keycap);
7, X87 wired 35g / Triple model 35g/45g ( white gray PBT Keycap);
8, X87 wired 35g/45g / Triple model 35g/45g ( black keycap);
9, X87 waterproof wired 35g ( white gray PBT keycap);
10, X108 Triple model 35g/45g (white gray PBT keycap);
11, X108 waterproof wired 35g ( white gray PBT keycap);
12, C103 wired/ Triple model 35g ( black gray PBT keycap);
13, X21 pad wired 35g/45g ( white gray PBT keycap).

Since there are multiple options, we are happy to introduce upon your interests.

What is that PLUM 84M-S GATERON SILVER SHAFT model on the website? Is it EC like others or a different switch?


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