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Warsaw Meetup!


Hello GH! I want to announce a meetup in Warsaw, Poland! I don't have an exact date, I will update the post once I know the exact date, but definitely at weekends. The meetup itself will be in the Funkeys showroom, we will be there for a couple of hours, look at interesting keyboards, discuss them, and type on them. Later there will be a kind of after-party for those who decide to stay with us and go to Dominos Pizza!

Access is fully free!
For more info you can write to me in Discord: torbahdsha

What keyboards will we have:

Glacier80 (ThicThock marshmellow, GMK Hyperfuse)
GONkeyboardworks Nerd60 Crystal (Zealios from 2017, Hyperfuse parts)
ACR59 (Tecsee Purple Panda, Shenpo Keycaps)
GeonWorks Glare TKL
Rama Works U80-A
CoolerMaster Novatouch TKL
OG Cherry's
Alps keyboards
Three BroCaps BBV2 for sale
and more...

might be travelling to poland sometime this winter or next summer, keep us updated  :thumb:

Currently living in Gdansk and a huge Keyboard lover. Would love to see an update and follow through on this event!

Is this idea still alive?


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