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Important Information Regarding Monoflex 60% Keyboard Group Buy


Well, we have another exit scam to raise awareness of today. The good news is that community member Nask has done some amazing work to salvage this one. This post will be stickied to bring awareness for anyone who was a victim of the failed Monoflex 60% Keyboard group buy.

In his own words:

--- Quote from: Nask on Tue, 13 February 2024, 17:11:52 ---Hello everyone,

First of all, quick introduction, Iím nask, a French guy living in South of France who has been into mechanical keyboard community for a long time now.
I don't know if you heard about this keyboard, the Monoflex, a fairly cheap good looking simple 60%.  Original Geek Hack Monoflex Topic
It was originally organized by SantiGo and ... ended into a scam. (GB was in Jan'21-Feb'21, keyboards should have been shipped in July'21)

I'll make it simple : Let me introduce the Re:Monoflex.

I've been working on the salvage of this group-buy since November 2021. I joined the Lyra & Monoflex Discord (not the Santigo's one) moderator team at that time.
A bit of a context, I was a customer of the Monoflex original group buy scam. There was a lot of French people who got into that group buy, SantiGo even joined many times the French Discord (MKBDFR) so we really felt betrayed when this group buy turned into a scam.
I wanted to know if I could find a way to get those boards.
We (the whole moderator team) have been trying to do some things all together and then I asked for permission to get all-in myself with Moderator and Original Monoflex team support.
The whole Moderator Team is aware of all the progress and I get to share every update or progress.

I managed to buy those boards from Ukraine (140), the Ukrainian factory had never been paid by Santigo.
Boards were not completely done, but managed to get it completely done and managed to get a "Made in UA" (Ukraine) inside.

Then got new PCB (200) produced, thanks to ILWrites (he also had never been paid by Santigo).

As all files have been published on GitHub, we just removed the Santigo name on the PCB, added the Open Source Hardware logo and the group I've been working with (Le Volcan).
Got new plates made in China (POM White/Black, and few half plate) merging ANSI and ISO files so that I can offer an universal one for everyone.

<continued in linked thread>

--- End quote ---

If you were affected by the original group buy, please check Nask's full thread below for additional info and instructions. He is also selling additional units to help recoup costs (a lot of additional investment was needed here)!

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