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Cerakeys ceramic keycaps review & sound tests (8BitDo / ZealPC Clickiez)


Today we look at something different; a keycap set! When I first spotted them, I immediately suspected they had great sound potential, and they look awesome to boot. It was supposed to only be a sound test, but I guess I couldn't help myself and did a mini-review as well. Hope you enjoy the video! :)

Hi Chyros,

 Great review and love your videos and humour - your vids are a big part of why I got into this hobby!. Very stoked to see you on this site :D

I'm on the fence about ordering a set of Cerakeys for my M5 as I've heard the weight of the v2 set sometimes lead to things like the spacebar not springing back up properly.

 Did you find that at all during your review and typing tests?

For the spacebar, yeah, maybe. I'd use a stiffer spring. Good practice on spacebars to begin with. Other keys, nah.


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