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First of all, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended Keycon 2024 in Salt Lake City. It was a significant undertaking, but I believe it went exceptionally well. To all the breakout session speakers—you were fantastic. And to the sponsors—your financial support was invaluable!

Keycon Long Term

We want to share our long-term vision for Keycon. In a world with numerous meetups that come in all sizes, we don’t want Keycon to be just another meetup. If it were, it wouldn’t offer anything unique. We want Keycon to provide opportunities and experiences beyond just gathering together.

This year, we had some exciting events, such as Ryan Norbauer’s engineering talk about the quest for perfect stabilizers and Kudos (GAF) making a surprise comeback. In 2025, attendees will have the opportunity to see how one of the main components we celebrate is made, which we think is pretty cool.

KeyCon 2025

Next year, Keycon will take place in Germany, near GMK’s headquarters. While the exact date and city are yet to be confirmed, it will be close to the end of June. GMK will be instrumental in finding a venue and will host a limited-attendance GMK Experience breakout session, offering a factory tour!

Why Germany/GMK?

I have a great relationship with GMK, speaking with them almost daily. Over time, I’ve gotten to know them well and consider them friends. When they attended Keycon 2024, we discussed how amazing it would be if Keycon went international and how beneficial it could be for the community to tour the facilities of a manufacturer integral to our hobby.

GMK is excited to host the community and thank them in this unique way. Ultimately, we are thrilled that part of the community will get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the original manufacturers.

Without GMK, our hobby wouldn't be what it is today. They took a bold step by transforming a traditionally large-scale industrial process into small, highly-customized runs for enthusiasts. Their significant investment in money and effort made these runs more customizable and efficient. This dedication laid the foundation for the idea that your keyboard can truly reflect your personal style. Chances are, if you look down at your keyboard right now, it features a GMK set or artisans with colorways inspired by their keycaps.

Is GMK taking over Keycon? Did GMK force you to do this?

No, not at all. Keycon will continue to be run and managed by NovelKeys, primarily Riley and me. We have already planned for Keycon 2026 to be back in the United States, possibly in Tampa.

Shouldn't Keycon be a US-only event?

Given that Keycon is a Geekhack-based event, I don’t think so. Our community is global, and making Keycon international allows many more people to attend who otherwise couldn’t.

Is this taking the place of Mechanicon?

No. We do not intend for this to interfere with or take away from Mechanicon. We are coordinating with the Mechanicon organizers to ensure there are no conflicts.

Moving Forward

Big changes require adjustments and sometimes limit who can attend and where events are held. One year’s experience may not resonate with you, but the next one might. By providing these unique experiences, it’s our hope that when you do attend, it will be unforgettable.

Let's gooooo! It looked like KeyCon 2024 was super fun, and I think it's going to be awesome that 2025 will be in Germany!

Appreciate all the work everyone put into hosting KeyCon in 2024, be it setting up KeyCon, reaching out to vendors, and managing logistics

SLC was a hit! Thanks for carrying the torch (and all the work that goes on with it). So happy to see the event continuing in new and interesting ways!

Keycon 2025 in Germany sounds like a great ideal to me! I've wanted to visit the EU for quite a long time now & this might just be the excuse I need to actually do it! Keep up the awesome work Mike!

so excited for keycon 2026


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