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We hear you loud and clear, so we wanted to put this up for a community vote.

If you would want to keep things as is, and have us host Keycon 2025 in Germany, awesome. If you would rather the event go back to the community, no hard feelings. Put your vote here and we will follow suit. Poll is up for 3 days.

If the event goes back to the community - for those interested in Germany, we will still make this happen. We will just transition the event into The Keyboard Meetup Abroad 2025.


Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns das Privileg der Stimmabgabe gewährt haben. Alles, was dazu nötig war, war ein öffentlicher Aufschrei gegen ein paar Anweisungen, die wir befolgen sollten!

fwiw i think a germany event would be great, but since so much of the english speaking community is in the US it's tough to justify it as the marquee event of the year for me

my kink is being heard by mgsickler


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