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If you're reading this you've probably been in the situation where you want to read EVERYTHING possible on a type of switch that you are interested in. This is my attempt at making that process easier by compiling a directory of review threads.


Ordered in ascending level of detail:

Switch Decision Tree Made by SquareBox!

Switch Ratings for Gaming, Typing, and Both attempts to facilitate a rating system allowing anyone to vote on Gaming, Typing, and Balanced categories.

MX Red VS MX Brown GH users compare reds and browns.

MX Red VS MX Black GH users compare reds and blacks.

Realforce 45g vs 55g  GH users compare 45g and 55g Topre. MX comparisons are also included.

MX Brown VS MX Clear GH users compare browns and clears.

NEW! MX Red Switches for Typing? GH users discuss MX reds for typist needs.

Why Ergo Clears? GH users talk about springs in clear switches.

Switch Review thread in Keyboards subforum GH Users posting quick, brief thoughts on the switches they've used. Many of the reviews here are just a few sentences so this is a good starting point if you want an overview of different people's perspectives.

GH Wiki Guide Light explanation of the functioning architecture of different types of switches. [Does not include MX variations]

Best Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switch for Gamers and Typists Paul Lucas writes about which MX Switches are best suited for gaming or typing.

Mr. Interface Switch Try Bag Review Moderately comprehensive review on many of currently produced switches. Has pictures! From CPTBadAss.

Post-Chicago/Great Lakes/Nashville Meetup Switch Reviews CPTBadAss writes on new experiences like 65g Korean springs, 45g Topre switches, Ergo Whites and Ergo Clears.

Will you like Cherry MX Reds? Peter Hallam writes about his MX Red experience in great detail. Includes videos, animations, actuation graphs and typing accuracy measurements.

UST Tour 2013 Universal Switch Tester [image]  is passed among nine individuals. All kinds of reviews here. Some write objectively, some opinionated and some are just plain strange [mine] lol. MX switches only.

CaptainBadAss' Keycap and Switch Test Tour 2013 People post thoughts on different keycap and switch combinations. Includes Alps, Topre, Buckling Spring, and MX switches paired with ABS, PBT, Zinc and Novelty keycaps!

NEW! Community Cherry Switch Tester 2014 Very MX. Much testing. Many write. Wow.

UST Tour 2013 R2 Universal Switch Tester [image]  is passed among ten individuals. Comprehensive opinions on MX switches.

Lifehacker Mechanical Keyboard Guide: Great, comprehensive guide for newbies on how to choose your keyboard. Animations, pictures and superb write up.

VR-Forum Mechanical Keyboard Guide  Includes cherry switch sound comparison,animations, and videos! Cherry MX only.

2009 Guide Pretty comprehensive guide explaining switches to the layman. Includes animations, terminology and lots of pictures. Little dated though.

DT Wiki Includes almost exhaustive list of all the switches accompanied by descriptions and some history.


Please let me know what else to add to this list! You can PM me or post here :D Thanks!

Thanks for this, it very was informative! Makes me want to try black switches more and more.

Thanks for adding my work to this list! It's cool to see a collection of reviews in one place. :D

Ohmagawd, you posted really fast! O.O

Yay guys, thanks for the support! Now have 13 links on here. Check out the CPTBadAss Tour taking signups NOWWWWW!

By the way, this is a ridiculously good guide too. Posted by Shadovved.


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