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Things I learned at Keycon...

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giodanos is awesome!

So, you are looking for a TKL with Cherry MX Whites, with SP SA-profile keycaps, right?

And a AT Model F.

Two keyboards that dante can live with. :)


--- Quote ---Vintage Blacks are fantastic.  Why did Cherry ruin this switch!?
--- End quote ---

the placebo is strong.

unless the board has been heavily used and springs broken in.. there is almost no noticeable difference between "vintage" and new.

especially when you change the spring as many people have. this is geekhack's biggest placebo.


* 55g Realforce feels good
* 62g MX Clear feels better than the 65g I have on my QFR
* people in the community are very talented
* Dolch keycaps look just as good as I thought

I learned:

I don't like linear switches or heavy springs
I like the feel of thick ABS doubleshots better than thick PBT
stock blues or browns are my preference


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