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This travel log is a little out of order so if you want to see what I did on Sunday (I went to visit SmallFry), please check out that writeup here. And since I wrote too much and wanted to push some material out, I’ll be posting this and then adding/editing this as I go. So let’s do this: Keycon ’13 Diary – Sunday Edition here in the first post. Keycon for me lasted from Friday 8/16/13 to Tuesday 8/20/13. Here's the story as best I remember it.

I wrote way too much so I had to split this between two posts. I just wanted to have a nice detailed diary of everything I did so that people can live this vicariously. Sunday is here. You can scroll to the Table of Contents. And you can jump to Saturday, Sunday brunch, Monday and Tuesday here.

Dianoda killin’ it in with the photos again…my KMAC looks better in this picture than it does in real life.


I’ve been looking forward to Keycon for a long time. I was the first person to post in the Keycon ’13 thread and I’m happy that work didn’t screw me over so I could attend. mashby and I decided we’d carpool up to Chicago since I was “on the way”. For a couple weeks, the thing I was most worried about was that I had way too much stuff to bring. I literally had nine keyboards to bring, all my caps, and my Grado SR80s. Luckily, the car that mashby got as a rental was huge; we got a Dodge Avenger.  Best part of mashby coming to my place?  He brought me dinner: Chargrilled chicken breasts, mashed peas, and watermelon. Anyone who cooks and serves me food is amazing, but to give some credit, the Ashbys know how to cook. ^__^

After delicious food, we packed up and tried to leave. But I was an ass and left my EZPass at my apartment. It’s an RFID tag that is used in New York, much of the east coast, and Illinois for paying tolls. Pretty much? I hate throwing change when I can just drive. Funny side story when we turned around, Hashby told me that she got carsick pretty easily. So when we did a U-turn, she was saying that one time hashby’s mom was driving and made a slick move. Whipped the car around into a parking spot and she was sick the whole rest of the night. And now they call it a victory lap. So let ‘em know, next time you’re driving and you wanna make a statement? Whip out the victory lap.

Anyways, I hadn’t seen mashby since March so it was great to see him again and catch up. Oh and guys, if you ever get to hang out with him, get ready to talk or listen…whatever, ‘cause that dude likes to talk. Oh wait, he’s a mod now right? Am I still allowed to talk **** about him? :P  And I love to talk to so we just started talking about everything on GeekHack. Hashby was saying she was so lost and was trying to pick up on all the slang and how our little world even worked. And I remember saying things and having her say that, “Wow mashby, there are other people out there who are just like you and feel the way you do!?”  Oh and because he’s a show off, he worked on his amazing presentation while we were driving up.

Look at that sexy slide! Mashby in action on Saturday. I just wanted to post a picture of his amazing work that he whipped out during the ride to Chicago (Picture courtesy of prdlm2009)

Now I’m supposed to meet up with Halverson and Sifo since the plan was that we were going to share a room. But we got in extremely late. Mashby and I both have day jobs, we worked all day, then went up to Chicago; just super tired. So I arrive into the room around midnight and wait for the boys to arrive in the lobby.

Apparently this was what they were doing (Thanks to TJ for this video)

We get this swanky hotel and they can’t even be bothered to give me free WiFi in my room? How am I going to surf GeekHack?? Sitting downstairs and Halverson shows up but I’m facing away from the door so he scares the **** outta me. I JUMPED out of my seat and saw Sifo and Halvy for the first time in real life. Gotta say, Sifo is really #legitballin and I gotta step up my sneaker game if I’m going to be associated with the D-Squad because they put me to shame. So we ended up splitting up since I guess tjcaustin was neaby and we didn’t have that many beds. Sifo has this incredible ability to sleep with earbuds in. And I got a sneak peak at his GON and LZ-S. Oh yeah remember? This is a keyboard thing :P.

Sifo’s LZ-S, Dianoda-style

Halverson’s Adidas Year of the Snake – you’re not ready for the sick sneakers

Sifo’s Swag

Oh and mkawa, don’t get mad at me but yes, I forgot to get a picture of Sifo sleeping. Plus it was kinda creepy haha.


* Friday
* Saturday - Keycon
* The_Beast’s Keyboards
* HoffmanMyster’s Keyboards
* Sifo’s DT-35, Binge’s 2TU, custom caps
* Project Praiano – TechKeys Business Card
* jcrouse’s collection
* CPTBadAss’ collection
* Ergo-Dox, LZ-S, GON
* Gold vs Silver springs, Modern vs Vintage blacks, lubed blacks
* wcass’ and rkinze’s buckling spring boards
* End of Keycon
* After Party
* Sunday after SmallFry’s visit
* Monday and Tuesday after Keycon – Halverson and friends visit

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