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Mkawa was nice enough to give us a lovely introduction but it seems that we haven't been too clear in our purpose. Every so often, I see people asking about the state of the Wiki and wanting to add something to it. I wanted to put somewhere clearly what the Keepers are here for and how you can help us.

So what we do know:

A) The mediaWiki is going away. It just hasn't worked for our community.

* I am the author of the Clack Wiki article and, from personal experience, it was a colossal pain to learn Wiki-code. In the time I spent on that article, I probably could've banged out two or three reviews in bbcode. People also seemed turned off from the fact that you need a special account to work on the current Wiki. I know there might be backlash against getting rid of it but the fact is, there are very little people who want to step up to help even though its very easy to get a Wiki account. Also, there is little point in trying to recreate the Deskthority Wiki which is very comprehensive already.
B) The new Wiki will look something like this:

* It will be a separate tab but look like a sub-forum, with articles setup the way we're used to.
C) We are waiting for more information, just like everyone else here.

* I've been trying to share the information I have here and there. But until I get more word from Mkawa, rknize, and the mods, this is all I know. I will post more information as I get it.
D) We are going to start projects in the mean time

* More info further down
What the Keepers will do once the new Wiki is up:

1) Help gather and sort information

* The community has tons of information spewed everywhere. Even our (or my) attempts at compiling this information such as the Simple Questions Simple Answers thread and Clack Wiki, are a bit clumsy. With a dedicated team and help from everyone, this can be easier
2) Create concrete goals

* Instead having things mentioned off hand, we're going to take suggestions, and make concrete goals. Instead of just saying "I wish I knew what colors the keycaps are", we can refine this statement to say "There will be an article that has pictures of keycap sets".
3) Curate the new Wiki

* Instead of having a fight over which mod is really a "Ghetto Purple", we can put it down that we generally agree that "Blah Stem + Meh Spring = Ghetto Purple". In that way, we have a foundation to work from in both terminology and in our heads. Which information will stay and which won't? The Keepers will keep track. Right or wrong, we'll have an agreement that we can work with or know that we have to fix.
What the community will do once the new Wiki is up:

Help us with the new Wiki. Post your ideas/comments/concerns in this thread. Help us help you.

* We want your input, your time in helping us hunt information down, your comments, feedback, ideas, criticism. This is for the community, by the community. Just because you don't have a book next to your name doesn't mean you're not valuable and can't help.
Keepers, please let me know if there is anything you would like to add or change in this OP.

Oh and most of the projects we work on will be posted here since we have mod privileges so the team can edit posts. And just for transparency, there is a private Keepers subforum where we talk about business related to the team, and we have mod rights in Making Stuff Together and Post Wiki Workshop. I personally (CPTBadAss) have global mod rights throughout GeekHack, as of 11/3/13, so that I can move information without bugging the mod/admin team. They will be informed when I do edit things and I will let everyone, both on the Keepers team and on GH, know when I do this.


Projects we are currently working on:

1) Organizing the Living Soldering Thread and How to Lube Cherry MX switches threads

OP from the Keepers private subforum:
MoreSo I was bugging Mkawa about some soldering tips and we both realized that the Living Soldering Thread as well as the Cherry MX Lube Guide need some serious organization. Ideally, they should be a go-to guide on how to solder and lube. I think Photoelectric's Paint Thread or my own Simple Questions Simple Answers thread would be good examples.

2) Creating a centrailized list of keycap set colors
Please check it out and help.

OP from the Keepers private subforum:
MoreThe people ask, we deliver.

We create a pictoral list of keycap sets, colors, and manufacturer. The OP has some info like pictures of the Xrite color checker (for monitor calibration), Dianoda's color ring pictures, SP's color codes, and explanation of legends/fonts. Then the entries look something like:

Name: Raindrop
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Material: ABS Plastic; Two-Shot Injection Molded (double shot)
Profile: DCS
Font: WYSE
Legends: 7Bit and Custom
Colors: White (WFK) and Blue (BFP)
And of course, Krogenar's helpful post found here.

3) GH Glossary
BlueBär created this Glossary to help understanding with all the abbreviations used on the site.

4) Open Source File/Resource Library
Photekq started this thread to help aggregate information pertaining to things like CAD, case design, etc. Threads that are related to this and will be folded include the GH CAD Resources Hub.

5) Switch Dampener Info Thread
I created this thread to aggregate information about soft landing pads and o-rings.

6) All Keycaps Site List
Quardah created this thread to aggregate any and all websites that sell keycaps that don't include the general GH classfieds.

7) Active Groupbuys List
This is a thread that shows all active GBs on Geekhack.

Suggested Additions to the new Wiki

Have an idea? You should post in this thread and we'll add suggestions here!

And Just in case

I would like some stupid compilations:

* Custom cases: everybody who has one / sells one for the edox, phantom, etc. I like seeing those
* Novelty caps: it's kinda hard to find all of them in just one place, especially those from GBs
That's it. :)


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