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What is Geek Hackathon?

Geek Hackathon right now is just an idea for some fun keyboard related competitions to be held at Keycon 2017. The idea is to come up with a few competitions that anyone can take part in at Keycon this year. Hopefully we can collectively come up with 4-6 events that encapsulate several aspects of this hobby we all love so much.


Cap Off

This will be a competition where the entrants are all given a word and have 30 minutes(or any agreed on amount of time) to sculpt an artisan that fits with that word. The Winner will be chosen by everyone at Keycon by vote based on a few categories. Hopefully we can make molds for the caps made and cast a few as giveaways for the day!

Tenkeyless Dress Up

Classic keyboard competition where entrants are timed putting keycaps onto a tenkeyless board. Winner is the one who does it fastest. Mistakes add a set amount of time. Etc. We would probably want a cheap donor board and some tai hao caps.

Artisan Examination

This would be a sort of trivia where you have to identify artisans based on pictures. If we want a hard mode we can include the colorway. This would a more relaxed competition that would be fun for all.

Your Ideas!

We need more ideas of fun competitions to round out Geek Hackathon! Lets hear your ideas in the comments!


Of course we would have prizes for the winners, this could be a group effort or I can cast some kind of trophy cap specifically for the event just for funsies. This can be a part of the discussion about making Geek Hackathon a reality!

Thanks for checking out this post. Once we get some good feedback I'll create a google form to narrow down events and gather some more information!


I really like the idea for Cap Off and Tenkeyless Dress Up! For the Cap Off, I think we should throw in some kind of handicap like sculpting on our non-dominant hand with a toothpick or a seashell or something silly like that.

1 - Bingo: Get a list of some uncommon caps/boards/other that people will be bringing, and make a bingo sheet out of them.

2 - Crowdsourced sculpting: pass around a sculpt and let everyone add 1 thing, such as a line, adding a piece...

3 - There was a mention of a soldering contest, which is cool, but would take a bit more planning that I'm not knowledgeable enough to source.

I'm pretty sure I had a couple of other ideas, maybe they'll come back to me when I'm less tired. I like the suggested ideas above as well.

Joey Quinn:
Blindfolded artisan keycap identifying would be fun

The same thing could be done with switches where we put a random selection of stock switches into a switch tester with keycaps so you can't see the stems.

I love all of these ideas :)  can we do them all


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