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Donations - Totals are in!!

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Donation Totals!!

Alright, everyone.  Thanks for coming out and making it an extremely successful con!!

I've edited the list below to include the other donations that were at the con as well.  Thanks so much again to all who donated!

We raised $610 for the Extra Life Charity!!

The donation will be made in the name of GeekHack Keycon 2017 and Belmont Business Systems, who were kind enough to print and donate our display cards and name tags free of charge.

List of Confirmed Donations:

* Polymer Salon caps by Fendent

* FinchCaps by Att1cus

* 40%, 60%, or 96-key keyboard kit, donated by AlexAtPanc

* Screenprinted Keycon 2017 poster from d_Stilgar

* Artisans from KACHAKEYS

* 5 custom-engraved full-soze and 5 TKL Mac layout Varmilo boards from the guys at Varmilo

* Royal Glam wrist rests from the guys at RG

* Artisans​ from KnightDX

* Full-size Nixeus Moda Pro and KBC Poker 3 (MX clears) keyboards donated by chuckdee

* AmtraPad PCB's and bumblebee switches from LiL_BrOwNiE247

* XL hoodie and bag of panda switches from 1Up keyboards

* Let's Split PCB kits, Garistotle switches, Kalih speed gold and silver switches, Zealio switch tester and lube packs, JTK OOW w/ mods keyset from Mehkee/cynviloq

* Juice Sea Otterphile from Binge and WidgiePidge at Hunger Work Studio

* 60% fat graffiti wrist rest and CozCap Idlekey from Syris226

* Keyhugger 1 of 1 artisans from KachaKeys

* Topre Apollo Kosmonavt from Dernubenfrieken

* Black Alien MX artisan from Ejewell89

* Keywok MX (not sure of colorway name) from Booper

* Display cards and name tags by Belmont Business Systems

If I missed any names here, please let me know! Thanks again everyone!

Donation Submitted! Thanks again everyone!!

I'll be throwing in some Murrays for this venture.  :confused:


--- Quote from: fendent on Wed, 10 May 2017, 15:35:44 ---I'll be throwing in some Murrays for this venture.  :confused:

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Awesome, I'll also have some creations ready for this!

What's the deadline to get donations in?

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--- Quote from: vim_commando on Fri, 12 May 2017, 00:42:40 ---What's the deadline to get donations in?

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Up to and at the event I imagine!


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