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KeyCon Screen-Printed Poster Group Buy/Interest Thread.

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I've decided to make a thread to if there's enough interest in getting a poster printed. I have three people on geekhack who have committed and one on reddit, but I need a minimum of 10 people at $20 before I'll give the go-ahead to the printer. Oh, and ideally he'd know by this Friday because he has an opening in his schedule next week.

Your $20 will purchase you an 11x17 screen-printed poster. This will be a three color poster printed on pink paper. The colors will be opaque grey, translucent red, and translucent blue.

Here is a mock-up of the final poster. Very small adjustments may be made to this to make printing easier, and screen printing is an art, so the final colors may be close but not exact to what you see on your screen. However, the poster design itself is finished and the exact size will be either 12.5x19 or 11x17 (depending on paper available and whether I want to get them cut or use the paper as is).

And here is a link to the full size version:

Please respond to let me know if you're interested in getting a poster at KeyCon this year. If you'd like one but would require it being shipped, send me a PM and I'll do some shipping calcs based on your country/zip.

Thanks everyone!

I'm down

Count me in, looks great.

I am in

I'd be in for one.


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