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Introducing the Trader Feedback system

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Moderation Team:
The Trader System - feedback for the Marketplace (primarily the Classifieds) transactions.

As of May 8, 2018, integrated trader feedback system has been implemented for the purpose of providing feedback on direct transactions between two users, generally via the Classifieds. 
(Please avoid adding feedback for Group Buys unless something really stands out.  However if you do wish to leave such feedback*, please read on.)   

Note that many vendors and artisans have their own dedicated feedback threads located in the respective Artisan Services and Vendor Forums--please check those too.  Some people with the vendor rank on geekhack are authorized representatives of a commercial company that has more than 1 employee.  Thus leaving personal trader feedback for such a user in order to comment on a merchant's performance as a whole is strongly discouraged and may/will be removed.

This system is not for transactions taking place outside

Each feedback submission requests a URL address of the marketplace ad associated with the sale/purchase/trade the feedback is left about, although this URL is not required.  However, if your sale or trade was done through private messages and no public record of it exists, the transaction rating might seem suspicious to those looking through your feedback score--do keep that in mind. 

This feedback relies on the honor system where it is assumed that both parties are responsible individuals.  In the case of erroneous feedback or abuse of the feedback system, there is an option to report each feedback post in question to the moderation team for review.  While the moderation team does not arbitrate in transactions gone bad, as stated in the marketplace rules, we will expend some reasonable effort to contact both parties about the disputed transaction feedback.  Unfortunately, if the feedback is negative but it looks like the transaction did take place, it is up to the involved parties to sort out the situation between them and agree to a change in feedback rating--we will not remove negative feedback just because its recipient doesn't want to have it.

Likewise, if someone "games the system" and obtains repeated suspicious positive feedback without any reference to marketplace threads, please report this to the moderation team. 

For any feedback for transactions made before May 8, 2018, you may wish to contact the people you've sold to or bought from before and see if they are interested in sharing feedback with you.  Otherwise, positive feedback from heatware or eBay, or references from this site can count toward your reputation with your potential buyer or seller while you gather new feedback here.

How to leave feedback:

Go to a user's profile page where you will see the "SMF Trader System" section:

Click on "Submit Feedback for 'username'"

In the next window, please select whether you were the buyer or seller, or whether it was a trade.  Also select the rating (positive / negative / neutral), add a link to the post/thread relevant to your transaction (optional but highly recommended to give your feedback more weight).  Finally add a short summary title* that will be visible to everyone, and, if you wish, a more detailed description in the last field.  This feedback system is not simply about the total score--its purpose is also to give some description and context to your prior transactions.  The more descriptive and documented your feedback is, the more reliable it will look to your potential buyers/sellers/trade partners.

*If you are leaving feedback for a group buy runner, please add "GB:" abbreviation in the summary title of your feedback.

If you believe you've received feedback in error and require moderator assistance, please use the report function here:

Please understand that we can't possibly cover every "what if" situation with rules.  We will take feedback on this system into consideration for possible updates or rule changes.


agreed. :thumb:


Very good idea. I really hope it helps making GH a better place to do transactions.

¿Where feedback on the trader feedback system will be recorded?


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