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NIZ New Full Series in 2022

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I am an authorized distributor for plum niz keyboards and so I would like to build a post here to share any news or new products of NIZ .

It is all about NIZ only.

Thank you

Please make a standard 60% layout !
The atom66 has too many weird keys

NIZ will have a 60% board someday for sure, but not for now.
For the new atom66 keyboard, the bad thing is on the spacebar, but the whole keyboard is integrated with many functions for different applications.

It feels good to put hands on it.

Some more details in below link.

Jumping in to say I have owned 2 Plum Keyboards and enjoy them.

The issue I have is the stabilizers and not room for swapping out since of the unique switch shape.

that and the slits for the stabilizers is smaller than standard.

Please change if you can!

I did a review recently about plum keyboards as well where I outlined some issues.

I really need that 55g RGB TKL. can't seem to source that reasonably anywhere.


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