Author Topic: Anyone watch Batman: The Animated Series?  (Read 1457 times)

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Anyone watch Batman: The Animated Series?
« on: Thu, 11 March 2021, 13:51:12 »
I watched little bits of it here and there as a kid but never the whole thing. I was aware there was this great mythology that later ties into other great shows like Batman Beyond and great characters such as Nightwing etc. After seeing it has a 9/10 on IMDB I decided I should give it a watch from the very beginning.


It deserves that 9/10. This show is the definitive Batman as far as I am concerned. The characters and their motivations are great, special nod to Two Face, Robin and of course Batman, the music is excellent and just the aesthetic and realism, oh man, it's all superb. I'm definitely looking forward to digging into this universe.