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Tp4 has had to eat industrial pseudo-food-analogs here and there these few months.

You can feel it,  when the greasy stuff goes in,  it totally impedes one's Ki-flow. An overwhelming lethargy and mind fog comes postprandial.  :blank:

When Tp4's just pounding white rice + veggies, System reboots, and immediately the energy level and mental tranquility returns.

This stuff must be toxic, some chem-trails lvl additives.

The prices nowadays do not = affordability and convience any more

Fast food has completely lost sight of the reason it exists in the first place. Something cheap and fast.

Every time I go to get a burger+fries+shake it winds up costing around $30-40 and I usually wait about 15-20 minutes for it.

I'm eating it less and less, which is good for me, as I only get fast food about half a dozen times a year now. It's just not worth it anymore. There is zero value to be had.
Usually Five Guys every other month just to satisfy that specific craving. If I am broke and in a hurry, I am better off grabbing a prepared meal and drink from a grocery store for 1/5 the price of a fast food lunch.

@ dat Chinm'rican restaurant w/ 5 other peeps this morning. Everyone else is doing keto,  Tp4 ordered himself 6 bowls of white rice and a little bit of sweet-sour eggplant.

Happy 2 report, Tp4 is the thinnest-fattie at the table. Got some stares, got the standard, you're gonna get diabetus comment, but one can see in their eyes, they're re-evaluating "meat".

Rice p0wer   ;D


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Sun, 16 June 2024, 15:28:07 ---The prices nowadays do not = affordability and convience any more
--- End quote ---

If Tp4 weren't on expense account, there's no way Tp4 could afforz ne restaurant.

Even BurgerKing is $40 for 2 people.  Last week, a dumplings restaurant cost $50 per person, Tp4 still can't believe it.

Eating out, drinks (alcoholic or not) are the profit center. Years ago I began drinking only water while eating, and I prefer it that way regardless of money.

Tipping is also obscene and outrageous. I waited tables when I was in school and enjoyed getting tips, but the concept is perverse and unnecessary.


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