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KeyCon West 2014 is in my company's office building. Here is the address:
Stand Sure Systems
1077B Independence Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

 - Ron | samwisekoi

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More information on the meetup, such as schedules and presentations, can be found in the Keycon West Organization thread.

old OP

--- Quote ---FOLKS!

We're about due for another Keycon. This time it will be in Northern CA; Mountain View at the offices (courtesy samwisekoi!).

I haven't nailed down a date yet, but I'm looking at the end of April/early May timeframe. I may stretch a little into May after Cal lets out or earlier in April so that I don't collide with Cal's finals.

Mountain View is easily accessible via San Francisco International Airport (SFO), San Jose International Airport (SJO), and Oakland International Airport (OAK). It's also a hop skip and a jump up from Southern California, where a number of our vendors live.

Please use this thread to discuss potential dates (what dates work well for you? what dates don't?). Cool stuff to do, and duration of convention. My initial thought is to make it an entire weekend of events. We could have the convention floor open Saturday AND Sunday and have some cool junkets (John Muir National Park! Marin Headlands SP! Crissy field and the SF Presidio! Museum Crawl! and more!) that are optional and locally organized.

Finally, if you're a vendor, please let me know if you have any major conflicts (trade shows, quarter-end statement prep, etc. etc.) in that timeframe.

FINALLY, if you're iMav, please go through your calendar and post up some dates that work for you.

THANKS FOLKS! Looking forward to meeting everyone and having an awesome keyboard-filled weekend!
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CPTBadAss Edit (5/29/14): Just to clear up any confusion this is essentially a community gather or meetup of Geekhackers. We're going to play with samwisekoi's pinball machines, each other's keyboards, and perhaps listen to some presentations from attendants.  I may have a camera to make some fun videos.

At the moment, I'm not aware of any vendors attending. So don't expect that Filco is going to show up with a limited edition Keycon keyboard. There may be some things for sale and vendors have expressed interest in coming. But I haven't heard anything *for sure*.

You don't actually need convention tickets or anything so no need to contact This is the thread that has all the information. All you need to do is to show up on 7/12-7/13 the tentative start time of 0900 Pacific Time USA (9 AM). Tentative end times (not including dinners/hangouts) is at 1700 Pacific Time USA (5 PM).

This thread will be updated with more solid info when it comes in. Tentative planning information can be found in the Organization thread found above.

6/6/14 - CPTBadAss is running a GB for Keycon t-shirts here. Please take a look if you're interested.

If I can manage to put the money aside for it, any summer weekend should work perfectly for me! KEYCONNNN YEAHHHHHH!

Please let this be in the summer. It definitely needs to be on a weekend. May at the earliest. I'll be going regardless but it would really be better for me if it were May or early June...maybe even later in the year. Think I have conflicts late June and late August. Other than that I'm not too picky for a "summer" timeframe.

I think a full day of keyboards would work out fine. Like 10-6 or something?

And then another day of hanging out. If we're going to SFO? I demand a food crawl; with lots of coffee and ice cream. What would really be cool is if we could go to like Massdrop or something keyboard/computer related. I'm sure I'll have more ideas after I visit this month.

Yes, weekend would be great. I can't miss this one... Missing KEYCON 2013 = so much regret.

I'll do my best to make it over! Bit bigger of a drive than Chicago, but I'm up for it!


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