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Captain BadAss' Keycon 2014 Thread [Pictures and Videos Are Up]

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I've finally posted all the pictures and videos I have from the Con.

(Click on the KMAC for the full album :P)

Selectric Mag Card II typing video

Pictures of some of the homies

Keyboards I was really into at the Con

Food pictures, should have taken more!

Want to know more about a keyboard? Let me know in the comments. I think with the Hoffcam and spamming of this thread during the Con, I'm not going to do a big writeup. So if you want to know more please ask :D.

Original OP here
MoreI'm probably going to spam this thread like Twitter while I'm at Keycon. Let's see what comes of it. :P.

But seriously, I'm going to post pictures and other stuff here while I'm traveling and at the Con. So if you wanna see something let me know here.

Tonight? I'm arriving around midnight at SFO. But I gotta leave a little early so I can deal with the Friday evening traffic.

Luggage is absolutely packed with t shirts. I've got 25 in there and it weighs a ton!

And my shoes, Miami on my feet bay bay


Who's ever seen a plane wing before??

Pro tip: if you wanna make strangers uncomfortable at the airport, listen to music and dance a lot.

you make it in ok?

Just landed at SFO. Had an hour delay.


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