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Sunday Keycon Schedule?

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So what is on the docket for Sunday Keycon?

bunch of talks right away in the morning,

Rest of the day more looking at KBs and socializing and kendama and stuff.

beam springs will be brought. I was surprised at the lack of IBM presence there.

kendama prodigy hoffmanmyster takes no prisoners : ' [


--- Quote from: clacktalk on Sat, 12 July 2014, 23:50:22 ---kendama prodigy hoffmanmyster takes no prisoners : ' [

--- End quote ---

yeah, he's really good for someone just starting.

this is the kendama I have
I think this is what CPTbadass has
I think this was the third one there

I think I should get a new kendama sometime because my orzoa is starting to really wear out, I'm considering one like #3

9am doors open.
10am presentations resume.
2pm presentations finish.

3pm drawings and auctions?

Streaming will happen, details TBD.

 - Ron | samwisekoi


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