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How to buy or sell something on Geekhack - a classifieds tutorial!

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You want to sell or buy something through geekhack?
Great! But there are certain rules for creating a classifieds thread:

--- Quote from: Moderation Team on Mon, 24 March 2014, 14:39:32 ---

* Creating sale / trade threads in the Classifieds subforum is limited to users who have been members of the forum for at least 2 months and have 25 or higher post count.
* Do not post advertisements outside of the Classifieds and External Auctions subforums.
* Do not sell or trade engineering samples or anything that violates US federal, state, or local laws, including but not limited to: copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, NDA, or EULA.
* Use the Artisan Services section for any custom services, such as keyboard modification (including soldering services for sale), keyboard accessory-making services (including custom keycaps, wrist rests, sleeved cables, controllers), and the like.
* Do not create more than two active Classifieds threads at any one time.  Close old threads once the transactions are complete (i.e., payment has been made and the item(s) have been shipped and received). If you have multiple items to buy or sell simultaneously, one unified thread is highly encouraged (but please avoid listing too many items at the same time). Only post a second thread if the nature of the items or transaction is significantly different from the first.
* Only list for sale or trade items that are already in your possession.  Include clear photographs of your items (in good light -- no blurry night-time “potato shots”) along with proof of ownership, such as your user name and current date appearing next to your goods
--- End quote ---
The title:
In the title of the thread you have to address what you are looking for or what you want to sell. An easy way to do this is to use Title prefixes:
[WTB] = "want to buy"
[FS] / [WTS] = "for sale" / "want to sell"
[FT] / [WTT] = "for trade" / "want to trade"
For example if I want to sell my Poker 2 I would put "WTS Poker 2" in the title of my classifieds post. If you are selling multiple things or want to both sell and buy something you can post it like this for example: "WTS Poker 2, WTB Blue keycaps".

The body:
Here you explain what you are looking for in detail. If you are selling something you have to post a picture, to verify that you possess this item. This picture must include:

* The item you are selling
* Your GH username and the date the picture was taken onHere is an example of this picture:

* In the body of the post you must also include the price of your item. This could be either including or excluding shipping. If you are uncertain of the value of your item you can always visit Price Check- What's it Worth?
* In the body you must also describe the conition of the item.
* Trade-only threads/items do not require an explicit listed price and Shipping and payment terms should also be explicitly listed (this includes any shipping zone restrictions, such as “CONUS only”). The item description must also describe what you are selling or trading.
An example of a correct classifieds post:

Hurray! Now you are done with your classifieds post, but before the post reach the classifieds section a moderator has to check it.
Paying or recieving money for an item
The most common way of paying for an item in the classifieds is via paypal and I would suggest to always pay with the "goods or service" alternative. This protects you from scams, but remember to include the fee if you choose this alternative.

Auctions are not allowed in the Classifieds subforum. If you wish to sell your items as auctions, please use appropriate sites like Ebay for example. To advertise your Auction you may link it in the External Auction Links subforum.

If you wish to bump your classifieds thread you are not allowed to do so until at least 24 hours have passed from the time of the latest post. Don't bump other members' Classifieds posts.

Keeping your Classifieds thread relevant
If you sold an item or are looking to find another item, simply edit your thread. Do not create a new thread.

Now you are ready to make your own classifieds post!

thanks for the write up!!! :)

Hey, that's an awesome guide. Must read for anyone wishing to sell/trade via the Classifieds or Artisan Services!

Sigh I would have actually bought the LED tester and led's

Why do you need a dedicated LED tester? Is that any superior to a multimeter with LED testing functions? My tool box is more than full and extra tools aren't always needed.


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