Author Topic: Tecsee Icegrass switch (Panghu V8) review  (Read 6936 times)

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Tecsee Icegrass switch (Panghu V8) review
« on: Thu, 16 March 2023, 12:37:06 »
Hi everyone, this is DY

Panghu's switch series is definitely interesting as he kept making improvements in each generation, and personally, I do believe that each generation is better than the previous one.
The first Panghu switch I used was the Panghu V5 which was manufactured by JWK and featured both UHMWPE stem and top housing and a nylon bottom housing. Although it is not a bad switch, it is not great either. The sound profile was deep, but the smoothness of that switch is definitely not a reason to buy it. However, the new Panghu V8 which is manufactured by Tecsee improves in all aspects.

Ice Grass switch spec:
Designed by Panghu
Top Housing: HPE (Milky)
Bottom Housing: Nylon (Pantone 358C)
Stem: POM (Pantone 358C)
Pre-travel: 2mm
Total Travel: 3.5mm
Spring: 2-Stage, 58g

The V8 version comes with a very unique bottom-out feel as it has an extended pole. The POM material of the pole makes the bottom-out feels more concentrated and firm than the UHMWPE stem in the V5. I personally prefer the firmness a bit more. Also, the HPE top housing helps the switch become smooth during the keystroke. When I compare it with a V5, the improvement is definitely obvious. The sound profile also changed as the V8 is on the clacky side. Overall, if you like a smooth switch with clacky sound and firm bottom-out, the V8 would be great for you. Unfortunately, the V8 is sold on Divinikey.