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Stupid Fruit Sales and probably dumb secrets for the future

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what Lightning said - but even later. i'll take that flambert pls. ty

p.s. wah lau eh! gh oso want to play-play siah. enuff USBMXTKL for today - i'm going back to your OFans. :kek:

well played sir, well played. wassa fun. thanks!

p.p.s. idk / drmb wtf my account name here is. welp - will find out soon!

Hey so any news on the winner?


--- Quote from: izzzzzza on Sat, 22 April 2023, 23:46:25 ---Hey so any news on the winner?

--- End quote ---

Yes, news is in main post

I forgot that I had a new sale. You've got like 1.5 hours from this post to enter. Thanks :)

Love the format pears! :thumb:


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