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[Trivent Deskmats] Nasa + Cyberpunk + Space + Japanese Deskmats Going Away Sale


Hey how's it going everyone. I've posted on here, as well as our reddit over at MechanicalKeyboards, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone in the community. Lots of fun and interesting conversations were had... including some novel discussions about keyboard elitism (damn you GMK LOL). I've had a great time running our Trivent Deskmats keyboard shop but unfortunately, I'll be going overseas for many years and I don't think I can maintain the store while I'm gone. I've loved it a lot, and we made a lot of great memories, but it'll probably stay that way. Thanks again to everyone who was along for the ride, and I hope my deskmats brought you some joy!

With that being said, it took a lot of love and effort to get these designed and sitting right here, so I'd hate to have to throw these out once I go. Thus, let the enjoyment be all yours! I've priced all our full-size deskmats at $9.99, which is roughly the cost it took to design, manufacture, and ship them all here. Good luck and feel free to message me with any questions/comments.

Our collection of 15+ artisan deskmats:

You can visit our Instagram here: and reddit here:

It's all priced at just $9.99 for a full size artisan deskmat. I've dropped all of our deskmats by 60%, to roughly the price we paid to design, produce, and get them shipped here.
(Oh, and yes! Artsakh + Armenia charity aid is still in effect, with 10% of everything I collect being given by me to the Armenian Relief Society in Armenia or Artsakh humanitarian fund)

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