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Kap Haus - Leftover Candy Giveaway "Corny Homage"

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Leftover Candy GA   "Corny Homage" Hauser

Hello Geekhack, long time no see. :) I've got some leftover candy to giveaway. For today I have 1x "Corny Homage" Hauser (MX Stem) up for grabs.

If you want to enter just comment "da clack man" below and I'll draw a winner from the comments in 24hrs or whatever. All I ask is the winner pays for shipping.


Kap Haus IG:
Discord for future sale pings:


BocahSeals: Shipped

Previous Sales Below  :cool:

We are so happy to debut our second sculpted cap, the BocahSeal!

All of these caps are MX stem, and use our V2 cap internal design.

This is a raffle style sale, you will choose your preferred colorway and number of caps you want to win. Winners will be chosen via RNG.

Once the sale opens we will take entries until 5PM (PST) of March 30th Saturday. Invoices will be sent out shortly after.

These caps are handmade and tested by a team of trained sea apes working in the Kaphaus basement. They are pretty trustworthy as far as sea apes go, but there might be some variations between keys.

Sale Album:


Original Grey - $35

Luciferian Punch - $35

Sky Guy - $35

Safety Lemon - $35

Maji Nos - $38

Super Cyanjin - $40

Goldenseal - $18

Shipping Prices:

US $7.50
Canada $10
International $15

Payment method:


Raffle Form:


To celebrate our first BocahSeal sale we're giving away one Maji seal. To enter, post "Arf!" in this thread, winner will be chosen after the raffle form is closed.



Sale Status:  Entries closed. Winners invoiced. Packages shipped to winners. Unpaid Invoice Raffling. Winners picked, invoices sent. :D

The KapHaus is proud to present our debut sculpt!


This sale is a (color)blind raffle.
Winners and the colorway they receive will be chosen completely at random.

Each winner will receive an invoice for a sculpted cap and a matching blank after the sale closes.

These caps are handmade and then tested by a team of trained khajiit working in the Kaphaus basement.  They are pretty trustworthy, as far as khajiit go, but there might be some variations between keys.

We designed new internals with tight stems and thicc walls, you can take a peek at the butts here:

Sale Album:


$27 per set + shipping

Shipping Prices:

US $7.50
Canada $10
International $15



~Yuletide Initiate Sale~
Sale is now closed, all winners have been invoiced. Thanks to all who entered! The Yuleapes scream in joy at your names!

This sale is a (color)blind raffle.

Winners and the colorway they receive will be chosen completely at random, but will only receive the profile they selected. One key per winner.

Winners will receive an invoice after the sale closes.

These caps are handmade and then tested by a team of trained yule apes working in the basement of the Kaphaus.

They're pretty trustworthy as far as yule apes go but there might be some variations between keys.

Sale Album:


$12 per Haus Blank

Shipping Prices:

US $7.50

Canada $10

 International $15

Sale Form-


KapHaus is an artisan venture consisting of Otesanek and TheKingofMean and a bunch of selectively bred quality control monkeys. (Ben)

We made a bunch of caps and want to give them away. Here's a link to enter:

Raffle closes at Midnight PST 11/23 Invoices will be sent out within 24 hours, cancelled if not paid by 9AM Sunday morning and shipped Monday.

All of the caps are Cherry profile, mostly Row1 with some FNs. Winners will receive 1 R1 or 1 R1 and matching FN. Random winners. Random colorways.

If you want to check out some of the example images of *SOME* (colorway menu will be release in time) of the blanks check out my IG here:

Poisoned Summer T-shirts

This will be a fulfillment style sale.

Orders will be collected until Poisoned Summer is completed. Invoices will not go out until orders are done being collected.

All shirts will be printed on crew cut shirts in a “Black Frosted” color. These shirts are 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon, which gives them a soft and lightweight feel, a bit more breathability.  They will be printed using ‘simulated process’ screen printing which will allow for a high quality print that captures the fine details of the original artwork. These tees are being made by me (Otesanek) and a local screen printing company in Olympia, Washington.

These shirts are %100 approved and encouraged by Nightcaps.

All shirts will be $33 plus shipping.


Gotta take some well lit photos tomorrow, but this will do for now!


Past Sales!:


What?: Art Prints based on artisan key caps
How much?: $20, $25 depending on the print
Shipping?: Conus: $6, International $12
When: Sale live! Closes Tuesday at 4pm Pacific.

Entries closed. RNGing winners soon! WINNERS CHOSEN!

In celebration of spring’s failures, I’m giving away limited edition signed 2 Tengu prints. There will be 2 giveaways for identical prints, one on Reddit, one on my Geekhack thread. Feel free to enter both, I’m not going to let the same person win both… so don’t worry about that.
These prints are of the same quality and printing method that will be used for all prints in the sale.
To enter, just post “nermal” in either  thread. Nothing else, just “nermal”. On Monday, I will RNG 2 winners, one from the Geekhack thread and one from the Reddit thread. All shipping and costs will be covered by me.


Reddit WINNER! /u/audax989

GeekHack WINNER! danielucf

Please PM me your shipping addresses. :D


The Sale-

Sale LIVE!

This sale will essentially be a small group buy. The format will likely be familiar to most, but for the sake of clarity:
 I will open the sale today around 1pm Pacific time, and collect orders until Tuesday 4pm Pacific Time! Invoices to follow. Once all orders are collected, I will send out invoices. Once all orders are paid for, production will begin. I will be giving myself a small lead time for production, I would expect everything to be ready and shipped within 3 - 5 days after the payment phase.
These are professional quality digital prints. All are artisan keycap themed.
Produced locally in Olympia, Washington.
All prints will be on Neenah Paper Conservation Cover cardstock. A beautiful, sturdy cardstock made from %100 recycled post-consumer fibers.
Check out the giveaway prints for a look at the printing quality and materials that will be used.  There are a variety of sizes depending on the print (sizes available in the menu), but all sizes adhere to standard frame and mat sizes.

*Edited Giveaway section. Giveaway winners have been chosen. Thanks for participating everyone.

 My computer website.

can I buy one?

Have two prints from Otes. Top notch stuffs.

When do I get arts oatsnack?



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