Author Topic: Best Medium sized mousepad for 50 CAD?  (Read 9106 times)

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Best Medium sized mousepad for 50 CAD?
« on: Tue, 23 November 2021, 09:36:44 »
My mousepad that i've used for 3 years now is too small if i want to continue my aim training. For black friday i'm going to blow my paycheck on a mousepad and a keyboard and this is for the mousepad.

For context, this is the amount of space i have on my desk:

It's not much with the big tkl, so i'm looking to downsize even further.
I could get 50-75 percent more space and it will help me in my tracking.
My budget is 50 dollars CAD.

What are your recommendations?

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Re: Best Medium sized mousepad for 50 CAD?
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 25 February 2022, 02:09:34 »
I assume you wanted to attach a picture?

Why dont you just get a nice deskmat the size you want?

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Re: Best Medium sized mousepad for 50 CAD?
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 13 March 2022, 04:12:58 »
What kind of games do you play? This is a massive part of which mousepad you should go with since games like Valorant and CS:GO tend to be better with "slow" mousepads (there's more resistance to mouse movement) while fast paced shooters like Overwatch, and Apex Legends would be better with a "fast" mousepad.

The S tier mousepads would be stuff from Artisan like the Hein, Zero, and Hayate Otsu but when you factor in shipping (and depending on the size too) it can be a bit more than $60 CAD. If you do end up going with an Artisan mousepad eventually getting them from their site instead of Amazon is usually way cheaper even considering shipping.

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Re: Best Medium sized mousepad for 50 CAD?
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 17 March 2022, 06:27:22 »
I would recommend the Lethal Gaming Gear mats, I love my Mercury (Speed and control - not muddy)

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