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Dremel Cherry MX Keycap Stem Recessor / Grinder Attachment

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So I did it, and I think it turned out pretty good, arrow keys are unmodified and it can be seen how much the difference is - I became a bit conservative when I came down to the last and bottom row, could've gone 0.2-0.3mm higher to make it stand shorter than the Shift-row, they almost look the same height

The reason I became very conservative was the Caps-Lock row, at 3mm and with XDA keycaps, you're 0.2mm short from bottoming out onto the plate itself, so even if you clear the switch, you have the plate to worry about later on

Sound-wise it's completely uniform, and having a bit of a profile took away the confusion I first experienced when I switched from Cherry to XDA, it was just so weird all the keycaps being the same height and facing you, for XDA, my ultimate suggestion is:

Standard (0.5mm) (f-row)
Standard (0.5mm) (number row)
1.75mm (tab row) (no need to shave)
3mm (caps lock row) (need to shave)
1.75mm (shift row) (no need to shave)
3mm (bottom row) (need to shave)

Also not all XDA keycaps are the same, I had bought some XDA keycaps when they first came out, they are thin and flush stemmed, these ones I got are thicker and their stems are 0.5mm-ish recessed, it would be easier to work with the thin ones, they likely won't need any shaving at all

Recorded videos of the entire process for a single keycap, but it'll be some time until I share it

My next project is going to be a shortened SA one, but there are different challenges for SA's, the keycaps have inner supports for stems


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