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History of Custom KBDs

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I have been meaning to post this for a long time, but I wanted to do it in a blog post.  I will cross post this here and the blog.  I'm just trying to fix the site a bit right now.

I will talk about the history of each series and the description of the keyboards.

1. DK Saver
2. 356 series
3. Koala
4. KBC Poker
5. KMAC series
6. Duck Poker
7. LZ series
8. Hazeluff's KBDstory 75%
9. 456 series
10. The Cheat
11. Phantom / Litster's Acrylic
12. OTD's 5000
13. Ming's revival of the SSK
14. GH60

If I am missing anything, please let me know.  I am not sure of the exact creators of all, but I will let you know as much as I do.

I would also mention that I do not speak/read/understand Korean.  I just talk to a lot of people, because I am really interested in this stuff. 

The first custom keyboard.  I do not know much of the history.  The only person I remember having one in the US was Demik.  This was one of the keyboards that started all the stir about custom aluminums and winkeyless layout. 

The Korean called this board Ddogyu Saver.  I am not sure where the name DK Saver came from.  I am also not sure who created the board, but it was one of the first custom winkeyless layout. 

A. This Keyboard was made for Linear (Cherry MX Black) switches.
B. There were only 60 sets, but one got misplaced.
C. This custom had a black housing, white PCB, and a full plate. 
D. 3000 Controller
E. Only available in winkey layout.

The 356L was the only one to use the USB interface in the 356 series.

The board was made by Ungsam from OTD.

A.  This keyboard was made for tactile non-click switches (Cherry MX Browns and Clears).
B.  The housing is Silver, but there were few made in Chrome, and it was offered with a full or polycarbonate plate and a red PCB.
C.  628A Controller
D.  Only available in winkey layout.

The holy keyboard of all customs. 

A. First housing designed with a slope and a brass bar.
B. Gun Metal or Black housing with red PCB.
C. 628A Controller
D. Only available in winkeyless layout.

One of the most sought out keyboards.  The CL stands for Classic as it tries to follow the classic traditional look.


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