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We just hit the first price break for the Blue TKL Mods! They're now $81, a $34 drop! We've also tipped both Dvorak and Colemak, so anyone that doesn't type on qwerty can buy with confidence.

This is wrapping up pretty soon, I really hope those black mods tip.


--- Quote from: noumenology on Fri, 12 June 2015, 19:35:25 ---This is wrapping up pretty soon, I really hope those black mods tip.

--- End quote ---

Same here. Only a few more days to go, and we only need 2! Watching that timer like a hawk...

skullydazed, this is a great set. Very excited for it. I just wish that r/mk key didn't require 25 orders to tip, doesn't look like it will either  :(

Thanks for your support guys! The good news is that we've tipped the black mods! You better hop on them now, because I don't think I will do them again in round 2. I'll focus on the sets that are selling and have fewer deals.

I'm honestly surprised the /r/mk keys didn't sell better, but I think they will tip. I figured of all the child deals that would be the easiest one to hit 25, and the others would struggle. Live and learn.

Hi, my friend and I are interested in a set for our Infinity 60% Keyboard (Standard layout)

We both need a set with Right Shift 1.75x
She needs a 1.5x Delete key (where the |\ key would usually be)
And I'll need a 1x Delete key

Which of these sets meet our requirements?


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